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"Philosophy of Education"

2015 year, number 6


D. V. Chernov
Novosibirsk State Pedagogical University, 28, Viluiskaya St., Novosibirsk, Russia, 630126
Keywords: системный подход, профессиональное образование, философия образования, парадигмальный анализ, социальная работа, systemic approach, vocational education, philosophy of education, paradigmatic analysis, social work


The article deals with methodological issues of studying the processes of formation and development of the system of higher vocational education in social work. Social education in the modern world is a priority in the development of educational systems both globally and in terms of national models of training for the social sphere. Formation of the system of professional education in social work in Russia meets these trends. The accumulated experience of the research requires scientific understanding, possibly in the presence of new methodological approaches, the development of which is an important scientific task. The purpose of the study is to present the main provisions of paradigmatic analysis in a systematic approach as an independent research methodological tool that provides a multidimensional study of the processes of formation and development of professional education in social work in Russia at the present stage. In this regard, there is revealed the content of the system approach in addressing the issues of vocational education in the modern world. There are analyzed the foreign trends, which determine the nature of paradigmatic change in the development of social work in general, and staff training system for this sector. Building on the work of the researcher B. Shteotzel (Germany), the article examines the processes associated with the transition of Europe to a new type of social work in the 1990 - early 2000. These changes were of paradigmatic character, defining the change of content and the fundamental principles of the functioning of social work at the level of theory and practice. Extrapolating the trends in the world to the situation with the development of social work and training system for social services in Russia, the author compares the technocratic (traditional) and humanistic (new) paradigm of social work and vocational training for this sector. A particular attention is paid to the role of pedagogical universities in the implementation of programs of social education.