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Humanitarian sciences in Siberia

2015 year, number 1


I. V. Lizunova, O. N. Alshevskaya
The State Public and Technological Scientific Library, SB RAS, 630200, Novosibirsk, Voskhod st., 15
Keywords: technological modernization, technological transformation, institutional changes, publishing business, publishers, publishing organizations, bookselling network, online trade, Siberia, Far East


The article is devoted to comprehending institutional transformations of publishing business: changing the institutions, their structure, competitiveness, main trends in modernization process in the 1990s - early XXI century. Applying the formal-logical and comparative-historical methods has contributed to revealing the causal chains in studying the problems of book industry institutional changes in the Siberian-Far Eastern region in relation to the logic and specificity of the publishing business modernization in Russia at the turn of the XX-XXI centuries. Transformation of the domestic publishing and book disseminating system promoted the emergence of fundamentally new independent publishing and bookselling organizations. The state monopoly on production and distribution of printed materials had been destroyed by the beginning of the new century, and non-governmental structures formed the basis for institutional innovations in the publishing and bookselling system of the country and the region. The publishing business transformed from a monopolistic industry to a competitive one with a wide variety of forms of publishing and bookselling industries during two post-Soviet decades. While the production part of the modern publishing business has adapted to the market conditions, it cannot be said about the book distribution. The main problem of the post-Soviet book market has been a systemic crisis of book trade in the country, destabilization of an already imperfect institutional system of book distribution. The contemporary institutional structure of publishing business demonstrates the tendencies of differentiation, optimization and constant variability in addition to quantitative and qualitative modifications. Not only the conditions, boundaries and extent of the publishing and distribution activities have been modified, but also the subject structure of publishing and bookselling business, saturation of the publishing space. In general, institutional changes in the publishing and bookselling system have become an integral part of the ongoing modernization process of the Russian publishing business.