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"Philosophy of Education"

2014 year, number 4


A. I. Ikonnikov1, N. P. Golovacheva2
1Far Eastern State Humanities University, str. of Karl Marx, 68, Khabarovsk, 680000
2Omsk State Pedagogical University, Tukhachevsky str., 14, Omsk, 644099
Keywords: stucturalistic imagination, symbolic imagination, formal imagination, randomness, symbol, sign


In article the problem of training of modern composition of students of art higher education institutions is considered. Authors give the short characteristic of a current state of process of creation of art composition, reveals problems and offers ways of their elimination. Creation of modern composition in art higher education institutions puts new, unprecedented tasks and problems before teachers and students. Now to the training forefront in art higher education institutions there is a theory. To students doesn't get taste to any mysteriousness and completeness of life and the world. According to authors, the modern composition has to depend on its internal characteristics. It is necessary to pay attention of students at creation of modern composition and that the symbolical consciousness assumes an image of depth. In structuralist creativity the object is recreated for identification of functions, and the done way appears result. The structuralism acts as activity, that is the ordered sequence of a certain number of cogitative operations. The purpose of any structuralistic activity - it is indifferent, or poetic - the «object» reconstruction is reflexive so that in is similar to reconstruction rules of functioning (function) of this object were found. Thus, structuralist vision is, in effect, subject display, but display directed, interested as model of a subject reveals something such that remained invisible, in the most modelled subject. Authors note, need of use of modern researches, technologies and techniques for educational process that will allow to reach considerable improvement and to optimize training of teachers of art education at the higher school. When developing a course on teaching of modern composition at the higher school it is important to consider that process of training of modern composition as a whole consists in understanding of tasks as those, comprehension and forcing of features, configuration of surfaces and ideal events. To study modern composition, means to pack on a canvas of a surface, the line with points of other element, other surface. The modern composition in itself is an ideal body, an accession body. The modern composition at the same time that is more perfect and more complete, than the task as that is defined more gradually. The author of work, the artist, it is correct to call the operator of idea of modern composition.