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"Philosophy of Education"

2014 year, number 4


I. A. Zhernosenko
I. I. Polzunov Altai State Technical University, Lenin Ave, 46, Barnaul, 656038
Keywords: educational model, education in Siberia, self-developing system, culture


In the article, the modern problems of development of the education system in Siberia are considered. Comparing the state educational models (in the Soviet period and the modern ones) with the models of people’s pedagogics, the author comes to a conclusion: social systems, such as society, culture, education are alive, self-developing according to nonlinear laws systems, which should be studied and reorganized on the basis of the principles of systematicity and culture-conformity. To forecast the direction of their development, it is necessary to take into account such unpredictable factors as creativity, freedom of will, self-determination, connection of the man, society and environment. For building a modern educational paradigm, it is necessary to see and set new goals, understand the educational values corresponding to various conditions of social development, identify patterns of transition to a new way of the social life organization and the appropriate type of culture that is only possible when using universal methods based on the discoveries of synergetics and the principles of systematic approach. They reveal the logic of the self-development processes of complex and sophisticated systems, and therefore, are able to explain and calculate the ways of development of the society and culture. Education as a special cultural phenomenon, aimed at learning, knowledge acquisition, as a system of educational institutions is a relatively recent phenomenon, formed in the European culture of Modern Age. In the various versions of ethnic and government types, this system is aimed at formation and strengthening in the people’s culture of the specific for the given era ideas about man, his essential qualities and attitudes toward the world. The essential qualities of modern education in Siberia are formed in its beginnings, in the typological peculiarities of ancient cultures, socio-cultural processes of the past. Siberia, being multinational and multi-ethnic in composition, filled with all kinds of social structures beginning from the time immemorial, with the active contribution of the Russian population, with the subsequent urbanization of the modern type, becomes a model region for the development of advanced technologies in the field of industrial relations and humanitarian. Therefore, while building a model of the formation of the system of education in the twenty-first century, one must also consider the lessons of history: there often lie there the answers to many questions of our time.