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"Philosophy of Education"

2014 year, number 4


A. I. Kirillova
Institute of Philosophy and Law, Nikolaeva str., 8, Novosibirsk, 630090, Russia
Keywords: upbringing, socialization, globalization, religious upbringing, poly-subject-ness, ego


The author analyzes the process of upbringing, its content and essence, reveals the leading role of self-diminishing of ego in this process. The article provides a definition of upbringing based on four parameters: will, intellect, emotions, and body. Upbringing affects mind, will and heart of man; it always includes physical limitations. The heart is an organ of moral cognition, where conscience is formed and located. Of these three elements, the leading one is the will in the sense that it is the driving force of human behavior and its conformity to the moral sense is the primary goal of upbringing. The will directs the desires of man, control them on the basis of the movements of conscience (heart), which have been understood by the mind. Since upbringing is the training of will and desires, mind and body, carried out by self-discipline, then no upbringing is possible without coercion and suppression of ones desires, motives, without diminishing of ones «self. Upbringing trains selflessness of the person. Discipline and self-discipline requires the willful efforts of the person him/herself. It is difficult because the person is required to overcome the «self, do something that he/she does not want at the moment. Personality as a stable volitional formation is formed by the willful efforts to achieve what the person sees fit / right to do despite what he/she «wants. Thus discipline requires a certain restriction of «self, self-diminishing of ones «I. We noted differences in the understanding of upbringing in religious and secular cultures. In the religious cultures, upbringing has as its first objective the improvement of the nature of man, leading him to God; in Christianity it is deification (the highest degree of personal perfection) and salvation (union with God as the main purpose of human life). The article shows the catalytic role of globalization in the actualization of socialization paradigms of upbringing; in the increase of active poly-subject-ness of social space as a condition of upbringing.