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"Philosophy of Education"

2014 year, number 4


E. S. Voronkova
Keywords: education, parceling, individualism, social relations


The object of this article is to compare the state of modern education with a process of social parcelling in consequence of rise of individualistic tendencies. In this article she takes notice of substitution of individualism as ideology of freedom by egoism. The State encourages this process of individualization and as a result we see collapse of traditional institutions and revision of life values, and it has an effect on young people, the education isnt able to cultivate values for personal development. The author points out some problems of modern education such as formalities, discrepancy between purposes and results, lack of personal progress. This points discredit persons that must educate in students eyes. Decrease in education and depreciation of it are seen now. A lot of students are working in other domains then their special subject allows. Our society carries on professional orientation by setting out some material aspect of job, overproduction of specialists in some spheres is a result of this point of view. By the author the education of consumptions society reproduces only consumers. There isnt any work for developing and inculcation of skills of collective work, living in society, promotion of family values. As a result number of divorces is growing, number of newborn is going down, young people pass their time in the internet. The educational aim isnt personal development but possibility to reach some material values. The author affirms that russian education loses its socializing function, now it is only some process of transmitting knowledge. Reforms of education cant dispose of all problems. For overcoming this crisis we need a very good balanced policy of our State and changes in our society intended for reduction of egoistic tendencies.