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"Philosophy of Education"

2014 year, number 4


R. A. Baryshev, G. M. Tsibulsky, O. I. Babina, N. O. Pikov
Siberian Federal University, 79 Svobodny pr., 660041 Krasnoyarsk, Russia
Keywords: higher education, library service, subject-object interaction, search engines


In the paper, it is specified that the library science has rich history and represents the most valuable category of knowledge keepers in universal sense, and now it is in the form of permanent transformations. Only for the last 20 years in many libraries the mechanisms of internal work, the work principles with readers exchanged, and in the same time the need of the reader for library (frequency of visits and their duration) decreased. The last occurs because of intensive development of the Internet; however, there are also other reasons. So, one of the basic reasons is not readiness of library to change under modern realities and society requirements, it belongs to the internal organization structure and in many respects are connected with lack of active interaction with the reader. As library activity was always considered as the process organized with participation of the subject, but without its direct influence on nature of activity, today such model is inefficient from the point of view of the library user interaction and the library. Thenew methods of work organization with the readerarise and are entered into practice, and as a result, the latest approach is appeared where the leading role of the user admits. Features the subject - the object interaction are considered arising between the user and library, the characteristic feature of the interaction is the work with search and information services and electronic library of higher education institution. Possibility of libraries search engines optimization of higher education institutions is shown for more effective service by preliminary studying of visitors needs. The basic purposes of the high school library reader are presented, the main one from them is the need for the educational and methodical materials connected with actual educational disciplines. The idea of target service of the library reader in higher education institution on the basis of earlier known requirements is proved.