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"Philosophy of Education"

2014 year, number 4


Yu. V. Senko
Altai State University, Lenin str. 61, Barnaul, 656049
Keywords: pedagogical culture, communication, text, understanding, appeal


The article considers the communicative competence of the teacher as a core component of his/her culture. The communicative competence of the teacher assumes his/her appeal to the Other for co-thinking, com-passion, co-action. This appeal is carried out by means of the text as a system of signs, located on the arrow of time and, in principle, available for understanding, which allows the other revealing a meaning in it. The article shows that communication - education - meaning form a trinity, which is based on understanding. Experienced (read: competent) teacher is a teacher who is able to understand texts that fills multilingual educational environment in which it carries out its professional activities. It includes, first of all, the texts of verbal and non-verbal, which he creates with his students. Create (and read!) of these texts is not only the most important condition and way of existence in the education process, but also a source of professional culture of the teacher. However, not every culture text (whether it is a historical fact, the proof of the theorem, the replica of the student automatically becomes a pedagogical text. Teaching cultural text makes the teacher together with the students, revealing to them his educational opportunities. As the main characteristics of the educational experience will make transforming understanding by the teacher of their co-existence, arrayed in three interrelated fields: subject (as the understanding of the ways of dealing with the subject of culture), discursive (as knowing the orientation of the semiotic space of the culture) and humanitarian (as centration on a personal meanings co-participants in a cultural act).