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"Philosophy of Education"

2014 year, number 2

Dynamics of language in the age of globalization: a social-philosophical analysis

A. I. Lager
Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation, Leningrad Prospect, 49, Moscow, 125993, Russia
Keywords: language, globalization, language and Internet, culture, language function, language dynamics, cultural and integrating role of language, socio-philosophical analysis of language


The authors aim is a socio-philosophical analysis of language dynamics as a basic element of culture in the era of globalization. The objective of the author is to unfold the specific character of language transformation in the modern anthropogenic civilization, to bring out the integrating role of language in the processes of globalization and to show its peculiarities in the Internet environment. The processes of globalization taking place in the modern civilization have a strong impact on all the spheres of social life. Language is a means of information accumulation and exchange. Through language the cultural heritage of the past is transmitted from generation to generation. Language is an intermediary between man and surrounding environment both of social and natural character. On this basis the subject of the article is philosophical aspects of language, as a cultural artifact, its functions, dynamics and role in the era of globalization. The period of globalization is characterized by a large number of new factors such as the unprecedented boom of technology advancement and mainly computer technologies. Due to the expansion and growth of the global Internet there has emerged a new language phenomenon - «Internet language. The modern globalized society distinguishes the English language as the main tool of the world intercultural communication. The vast expansion of the English language is unprecedented. The spread of the language spurs the information technologies and Internet development. The globalization of English fosters the spread of values of those countries where it is the official language. The growing processes of globalization promote the formation of «bilingual language picture of the world and have a dual influence on language and culture. In the era of globalization it becomes complicated to predict the languages future since its vitality is stipulated by controversial tendencies relevant to global processes. When it comes to the English language it becomes obvious that to ensure mutual understanding it is crucial to preserve language standards while the expansion of this language as a second one entails its fragmentation and emergence of its variations. The modern processes of cultural and informational exchange should primarily lead to the formation of common communication environment on the basis of relative language community and in view of preservation of the worlds cultural diversity.