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"Philosophy of Education"

2014 year, number 2

Education of the person: derivative and/or demiurge

F. Sh. Teregulov
M. Akmullah Bashkir State Pedagogical University, 3a, Oktyabrskoi revolytsii str., Ufa, 450000, Russia
Keywords: brain and consciousness, instinct and intelligence, sensory activity, activity and performance, external and internal plans, biological individuum, the subject of activity and social personality


This work presents an idea of formation during life of an integrative perception organ for each human being. On the basis of the generalization of biosocial development of human population, the author discloses consequent complication of external-internal inheritance where peoples’ primary sensomovements is extended by means of individual movements, hereinafter referred to as corporate and develops to «body movements» of the whole society. Human being is a multi-level, hierarchically organized, built-in and built-over structure, representing an individual, subject and personality. The totality of these levels turns the human being into a sort of all-embracing integrity. As a starting point for identifying the true content and purpose of education in the fate of man, we have chosen the problem of the biological and the social. The thing is that for millions of years and tens of thousands of years, correspondingly, the biological and social development of the Homo sapiens species has been aimed, on one hand, on the development of sensory organs and adaptation mechanisms and, on the other, on weakening the instincts and eliminating hereditary fixation and transferring the expertise and abilities. In other words, in the socio-historical development of the human being the biological heredity ceased to spread its direct effect on the achievements in the field of mental, social and community development. The socio-historical experience of humanity began to be collected and fixed in the external, social, exoteric form. As a result, we note a dual nature of man and as a biological and a social being. This fundamental duality accompanies the person throughout his/her life. Based on movements social circulation channels of information, varied modal coding, construction and instrumental application of mainly external means compose the essence of the content and technification of education. These movements represent structural and functional parts of the developing human activity and allow showing the significance of activity category applied to new fundamentals of pedagogical science and practice. The methodology of the modern theory (if you like, philosophy) of education, being developed, offers a way out of the crisis, compensates the exhaustion of the main pedagogical paradigm. In our construction there are considered the ultimate foundations (of the main subject, processes and mechanisms), the place and the meaning of certain types of education in the cultural universe of life, and man's understanding of the ideal of education, meaning and features of educational activities, etc.