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2014 year, number 2


G. A. Lenkova
Institute of Automation and Electrometry, Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences, pr. Akademika Koptyuga 1, Novosibirsk, 630090 Russia
Keywords: correction of eye refraction, intraocular lens, contact lens, phakic lens


The advantages of correcting the refractive errors of the eye (nearsightedness and farsightedness) by introocular phakic (i.e., without removing the crystalline lens) lenses over the other types of correction are considered. A relation between the optical power of spectacle glasses and contact and phakic lenses is obtained and analyzed. New, more accurate approximate formulas for calculating the optical power of intraocular artificial lenses and phakic lenses are derived. It is shown that the deviation of calculations by the proposed formulas from the calculations by the formulas based on geometrical optics are much less than the deviation of calculations by the regressive formulas used in ophthalmic practice.