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2013 year, number 6

Joint Optimization of Interrelated Thermophysical Processes in Metal Working Systems Based on System Quality Criteria

Yu. E. Pleshivtseva, E. Ya. Rapoport
Samara State Technical University, str. Molodogvardeiskaya 244, Samara, 443100 Russia
Keywords: process system, metal working, induction heating, joint optimization, system quality criteria, optimal control, alternance method, optimal design


A method is proposed to solve the joint optimization problem based on system quality criteria for the thermophysical processes of preheating and subsequent plastic deformation of metal semi-finished products in industrial metal working systems with a free choice of the admissible initial temperature states before plastic deformation that integrate these processes in a single process system. Potentials for practical applications of the method is illustrated by the example of a process system for forming pressed articles from aluminum alloys.