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Journal of Applied Mechanics and Technical Physics

2013 year, number 4

Using a Local-Interaction model to Determine the Resistance to Penetration of Projectiles into Sandy Soil

V. L. Kotov, V. V. Balandin, A. M. Bragov, E. Yu. Linnik, V. V. Balandin
Keywords: quadratic local-interaction model, friction, conical projectile resistance force deployment, penetration, sandy soil, Grigoryan model, Hugoniot spherical-cavity expansion


A local-interaction model describing the penetration of axisymmetric projectiles into sandy soil at a constant velocity is studied experimentally and theoretically. Two approaches to the determination of the parameters of the quadratic local-interaction model are considered. The first approach is based on the use of the solution of the problem of spherical-cavity expansion taking into account the dynamic compressibility and shear resistance of soil. In the second approach, model parameters are determined based on the experimental dependence of the resistance to penetration of conical projectiles into a sandy soil on the impact velocity. Good agreement was obtained between the results of experiments, two-dimensional numerical calculations, and calculations for the local interaction model based on the solution of the spherical-cavity expansion problem and used to determine the maximum resistance to penetration of conical and spherical projectiles.