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Journal of Applied Mechanics and Technical Physics

2013 year, number 3

Interaction between a Compliant Disk-Shaped Inclusion and a Crack Upon Incidence of an Elastic Wave

V. V. Mikhas'kiv, I. O. Butrak, I. P. Laushnik
Keywords: three-dimensional elastic matrix, disk-shaped inclusion, crack, harmonic elastic wave, dynamic stress intensity factors, method of boundary integral equations


The propagation of harmonic elastic wave in an infinite three-dimensional matrix containing an interacting low-rigidity disk-shaped inclusion and a crack. The problem is reduced to a~system of boundary integral equations for functions that characterize jumps of displacements on the inclusion and crack. The unknown functions are determined by numerical solution of the system of boundary integral equations. For the symmetric problem, graphs are given of the dynamic stress intensity factors in the vicinity of the circular inclusion and the crack on the wavenumber for different distances between them and different compliance parameters of the inclusion.