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2012 year, number 6

Ecological-Agrochemical Evaluation of the Transformation of Soil Cover of Halogens in Agrocenosis

V. N. Yakimenko, G. A. Konarbaeva
Institute of Soil Science and Agrochemistry SB RAS
Keywords: agrocenosis, soil, fertilizers, halogens, chlorine, fluorine, iodine
Pages: 865-873


Investigation showed that long-term application of chlorine-containing potassium fertilizers at the background of NP promoted an increase in the concentration of water-soluble forms of chlorine and fluorine in soil. The distribution of chlorine over the soil profile was uniform, the concentration of water-soluble fluorine decreased backward along the profile. Systematic application of phosphorus fertilizers caused noticeable accumulation of total fluorine in the topsoil. With balanced nutrition of plants with macroelements and increased crop-producing power, substantial decrease in the content of water-soluble iodine in topsoil was detected. Long-term application of mineral fertilizers did not affect the total iodine content in the soil profile of the agrocenosis.