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2012 year, number 6

Mesopedobiont-Bazed Bioindication of Soil Pollution in Lower Priamurye

G. N. Ganin
Institute of Water and Ecology Problems FEB RAS
Keywords: mesopedobionts, heavy metals, bioindication, soil pollution, oligochaetes, gastropods, millipedes
Pages: 785-791


In the areas of local soil pollution with heavy metals (HM), high-protein low-ash mesopedobionts with the smallest background concentrations of Pb, Zn, Co, Sr (oligochaetes, chilopoda, and some coleopterans) more often fix increased concentrations of these pollutants in their biomass compared to other invertebrates. Such creatures are the most HM sensitive and their mass species can serve as bioindicators. The biological consumption coefficient is not suitable for the ecological control. The bioindicator-control within the same geochemical background seems more appropriate to serve this purpose. It is of decisive importance when norms of maximum technogenic pressure on the soil are set.