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Journal of Structural Chemistry

2011 year, number 1

Crystal Structure of Indium(III) Schiff Base Complex

G.Y.S.K. Swamy1, K. Ravikumar2
1 Laboratory of X-ray Crystallography Indian Institute of Chemical Technology,
2 Laboratory of X-ray Crystallography Indian Institute of Chemical Technology
Keywords: crystal structure, Schiff base, metal complex, X-ray diffraction, hydrogen bonding
Pages: 211-214


The title compound [In(C22H30N4O4)]Cl (I) bis[(N-salicylidene-N′-(2-hydroxyethyl)ethyleneediamine)indium(III) chloride is prepared, and its crystal structure is determined by single crystal X-ray diffraction at room temperature. The complex crystallizes in the monoclinic space group P21/n, a = 9.9704(6), b = 24.9554(15), c = 10.5707(6) Å, β = 116.46(2)°, V =
= 2354.6(2), Z = 4. The X-ray analysis reveals that the InIII ion is surrounded by four nitrogen and two oxygen atoms from two ligands leading to a distorted octahedral geometry. The molecule has the form of tongs at a junction point with the metal. Five membered rings adopt envelope conformation. In the crystal structure, the molecules are linked via N-H…Cl, O-H…O, O-H…Cl, and C-H…Cl intermolecular interactions. The structure is further stabilized by C-H…π (arene) interactions.