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Journal of Structural Chemistry

2009 year, number 6


V. G. Makotchenko, A. S. Nazarov
Keywords: graphite, fluorooxidant, intercalated compounds, dicarbon polyfluoride, degree of ionicity
Pages: 1139-1146


In chemical analysis and XRPA studies, it has been found that the products of fluorination of graphite, graphite bifluoride, and tetracarbon polyfluoride with gaseous and liquid fluorooxidants (ClF3, ClF5, XeF2, and FNO3) and their solutions in anhydrous hydrogen fluoride and freon-113 at 20-100°C, having a limiting composition, are second stage intercalated compounds based on dicarbon polyfluoride with the corresponding fluorooxidant, or the reduced form of fluorooxidant, or a fluorooxidant and a solvent. The degree of C-F bond ionicity in C2F was higher than in CF, but lower than in C4F. However, the bond is closer in character to the covalent C-F bond in monocarbon polyfluoride.