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Humanitarian sciences in Siberia

2012 year, number 2

The Pottery of Koguryo

M.A. Yakupov
Keywords: Koguryo, Koguryo ceramics, Gueoidong, Monchon, Achasan, Han river
Pages: 45-51


The article reviews the history of studies of Koguryo culture ceramics that has been largely neglected in the Russian historical scholarship. While completing the Master's course in archeology at the Koryo University (Korea) in 2005-2009 the author had an opportunity to examine the collections of ceramic vessels excavated from archaeological sites of Koguryo culture: Hon Rengbon 1-2, Achasan 4, Gueoidong, Shirubong, Horogoru, Engmasan-1-3. Having analyzed the collected data and published materials the author described the basic types of ceramic vessels and determined basic attributes of Koguryo ceramics.