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Humanitarian sciences in Siberia

2012 year, number 2

Ornamental Motifs in the Artistic Bone Carvings of Ancient Turks of Southern Siberia and Central Asia

G.V. Kubarev
Keywords: ornament, artistic bone carving, ancient Turks, Central Asia, Southern Siberia
Pages: 40-45


The article considers ornamental motifs which were widely known and popular among the Turkic-speaking nomads in Southern Siberia and Central Asia during the ancient Turkic epoch (VI-X centuries). The author comes to conclusion that along with imitations of knots and braidings, circular and geometrical ornaments the ancient Turks also used a variety of plant ornamental patterns in the form of serpentine tendrils, palmettes etc. as the most popular motifs in the artistic bone carving. In the second half of the first millennium the floral ornamentation not only dominated the art of ancient Turks, but also became widespread across Eurasia.