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Humanitarian sciences in Siberia

2012 year, number 2

Wall Paintings in Bohai Tombs

V.V. Akhmetov
Keywords: Bohai, mural tomb, wall painting, Tang, Goguryeo
Pages: 33-35


Bohai mural tombs are an important source of information about funeral practices of Bohai people. Wall paintings in tombs were common for the area of Far Eastern civilization. It is not surprising that tradition of tomb wall painting was a part of Bohai culture. Among the Bohai mural tombs the best preserved one is that of Princess Zhen Xiao. The analysis of wall painting in that tomb gives evidence of strong Tang culture influence. However, if we consider both wall paintings and elements of Bohai burial complexes (tombs), it becomes obvious that the original Bohai culture organically intertwined different cultural traditions.