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Humanitarian sciences in Siberia

2012 year, number 2

The Missing Link -- the Mesolithic Period (On the Problem of Preserving Information Traditions in the Cultures of the Post-Paleolithic Epoch of Eurasia). Part III. Systems of Time Notation in Mesolithic Cultures of North-Eastern Europe.

V.YE. Larichev
Keywords: the Mesolithic Epoch, the north-east of Europe, astronomy, calendars, primitive art, semantics of images and symbols, their interpretation, numerical records of time, protoscience<
Pages: 28-33


The article is written for the purpose of executing the innovative program on information traditions in the post-paleolithic cultures of Eurasia. The author presents variants of reconstructing the time notation systems of mesolithic inhabitants of the north-eastern region of Europe based on analysis of symbolic records left on the three carriers of the calendar rank information (the so-called art objects). The latter were discovered during excavations of two settlements in the Lower Veretie (in the White Sea region) and the Osa (in the Baltic area). The results of such analysis allowed the author to come to conclusion that traditions of time notation developed by the Upper Paleolithic cultures in the north-eastern areas of Europe were preserved there in later epochs.