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Humanitarian sciences in Siberia

2012 year, number 2

How Much Land Does a Farmer Need? (On the Question of Prerequisites of the Stolypin Agrarian Reform)

I.N. Slepnev
Keywords: agrarian reforms, Russian peasantry, farmers, land endowment, property, landlord estate
Pages: 14-16


The paper aims at evaluating the material conditions necessary for creating the class of Russian farmers during the Stolypin's agrarian reform. With this objective in view the author traces how the level of peasants' land endowment changed after the 1861 reform. He shows that the Stolypin agrarian reform's logics and possible success were determined by the real size of peasants' land allotments in the post-reform period along with the landlords' estates acting as deterrent factor against creation of the class of independent small-scale producers.