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Humanitarian sciences in Siberia

2006 year, number 3


Larichev, V.Ye.

Abstract >>
The article is devoted to analysis of the sacrificial burial of the woman in Sunghir whose body, being deprived of the head, was placed above the grave of children, whereas the skull and stone imitation of her body

About works of the Russo-Mongolo-American Expedition on the study of archaeological sites of the Altai

Kubarev, V.D.

Abstract >>
In the article, the results of the field works on the study of ancient rock drawings and other archaeological objects in one of remote districts of Western Mongolia are examined. For the first time, in condensed form, information about historical relics of the past of the Mongolian Altai, those discovered in the course of 11 field seasons (1993

About the publishing policy of the Printing Place in the first half of the XVIIth century

Guryanova, N.S.

Abstract >>
This article is written on the materials of the collection of the old-printed books (that is those published in Russia before the XVIIIth century

The experience of geographical and religious migration: peculiarities of one collection of manuscripts (the first article)

Zolnikova, N.D.

Abstract >>
The review of the original collection of manuscripts which was sent by the old-believers from Barnaul to Novosibirsk for keeping it in the Institute of History of SB RAS (more precisely

Relations of the State authorities and society in publishing of

Morozova, N.N.

Abstract >>
In the article, the history of periodical press in Western Siberia, in 1857

The Moscow Brother

Pershina, M.V.

Abstract >>
The article is devoted to the study of the contacts of the regional Tumen

Literary works published regardless of the censorial control in the beginning of the 80s of the XXth century

Savenko, E.N.

Abstract >>
In the article, the history of the not under censorial control literature (

Censorship and bookish matter of the Siberia and-Far East Region, in the 1970s

Troyak, I.S.

Abstract >>
The article is devoted to the history of functioning of publishing houses under the influence upon them of the political prohibitions. The author examines such aspects of the chosen theme of investigation as censorial control in publishing process, dependence of formation of bookish repertoire of the region on the directions of central and local Party authorities, as well as remove of works of disagreeable authors from libraries and book-selling network.

The State Publishing Houses in the Far East in the conditions of

Posadskov, A.L.

Abstract >>
The article is devoted to the history of evolution of the State Publishing Houses of the Far East, in the period of the

The information culture of students of the humanitarian specialities as an instrument of prognostication of their successful professional activities

Parshukova, G.B., Geller, I.S.

Abstract >>
The article is devoted to the problem of the information culture of students of the humanitarian faculties of institutes of higher education. This problem is examined as a factor of formation of the future professional competences. The authors offer their methods of mastering the information culture and demonstrate the results of the pilot research.

Dwellings of the late migrants in Western Siberia: transformation as a result of adaptation

Korovushkin, D.G.

Abstract >>
This work represents itself an attempt to systematize the material on the problems of ethnocultural adaptation in Western Siberia of the late migrants from European Russia. In the article, the content and course of adaptation of the life-support system of ethnolocal groups of the migrants are examined. The author concentrates his attention on transformation of settlements and dwellings of the migratory population. He carries out the analysis of the materials connected with the most model dispersed groups of natives from Latvia, Germany, Ukraine, Chuvashia and Estonia. The structure of their settlements on the territory of Siberia is reconstructed and the detailed description of their dwelling complexes is adduced too.

The ethnosocial processes in development of civilization

Popkov, Yu. V., Tugashev, E.A.

Abstract >>
In the article, the problem of differentiation of ethnosocial and civilization processes, as those of development of different kind of sociocultural communities is analysed. The authors try to prove the impossibility of existence of monoethnic civilizations and the inevitability of their development on polyethnic base. It is demonstrated that the ethnosocial processes which take place in the ethnosphere of separate civilizations are determined, on the one hand, by the nature of ethnosocial synthesis which is basic for it (for example, the Romano-Germanic synthesis for he European civilization) and, on the other hand,

The consolidating role of the Russian people in preservation and development of the Russian civilization (after the example of the interethnic community Yugra)

Markhinin, V.V., Udakova, I.V.

Abstract >>
The authors examine the results of their sociological investigation carried out in 2004, in five towns of the Khanty-Mansian Autonomous Region. They set themselves as an object of the article the study of the attitude of the peoples living in this region to the Russian people. In the article, the increase of nationally mixed marriages with Russians, as well as the growth of dual ethnic identification are revealed; the high level of confidence and tolerance of the Russian people (as the one forming the State), as well as realization by the aborigines of its leading role in rebirth of all the peoples of Russia are determined.

The experience of the cross-cultural investigation of valuable orientations of students of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)

Abramova, M.A.

Abstract >>
The author submits a brief review of the existing methods of the cross-cultural study of personal values. The study of these materials allow her to choose a special method for carrying out investigation on differentiation of values of students of Yakutia, as well as to substantiate such choice. After the example of using the method of structurological typologization applied by Schwarz, the results of testing values orientations of students of the Yakutsk City are analysed. As one of the problematical aspects of investigation, the conflict of generations relative to domination of the material and spiritual values is chosen. The attempt to determine the place of money and material wealth in the system of the strategical and technical values of the youth is carried out with taking into consideration the peculiarities of the ethnocultural approach.

The geopolitical factors in the dynamics of interethnic mutual relations (after the example of interactions of ethnoses of Siberia, in the end of the XVIIth

Yerokhina, E.A.

Abstract >>
The article is devoted to the influence of the geopolitical factors upon the dynamics of interethnic relations in Siberia, in the end of the XVIIth

The birth rate and family values of the population of national regions of Siberia

Goncharove, G.S.

Abstract >>
In this work, on the base of the data of current statistics, the general birth rate and that of liaison, in national regions of Siberia, in 1990

The Attitude of the peoples of the North of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) to the market transformations

Robbek, V.A., Kostuk, V.G., Baisheva, S.M.

Abstract >>
The authors set themselves as an object to this article to reveal, on the material of the concrete sociological investigation carried out in 2005, the attitude of the indigenous population of the North (Evenks, Evens and Ukaghirs) to the main points of the market reforms in Russia: privatization, private means, apportion of patrimonial lands in the traditional branches of economy and social differentiation. The negative, as a whole, attitude of the aborigines of the North to the market transformations is interpreted as display of the mental characteristics of the peoples of the Russian Eurasian civilization.

Modern tendencies in spreading of Protestantism and missionary practical persons amidst the indigenous peoples of Siberia

Kovalchuk, Yu.S.

Abstract >>
The article is devoted to an urgent problem

Aspects of functioning of figurative means of the ritual poetry

Limorenko, U.V.

Abstract >>
The author examines interdependence of the pragmatic and aesthetic functions of poetic elements of the ritual poetry and retraces how side by side with magic and ritual functions the poetic value of figurative means shows its worth. In the article, such figurative means of the ritual poetry as allegories and concrete names of Deities and Spirits, with their stable epithets, are investigated. Moreover, poetic manifestations of different functions of the ritual poetry are examined, as well as an attempt is made to reveal interaction of ritual and aesthetic functions of the artistic means and devices of the ritual poetry.

Genre peculiarities of not fairy-tale prose of the Khakass people

Mindibekova, V.V.

Abstract >>
The article is devoted to the problem of genre originality of not fairly-tale prose of Khakasses. In the beginning, the author tells in what extent this theme has been studied. Then the problems of terminology, as well as those of plot and thematic composition of myths, legends, traditions and folklore are examined. In the process of investigation, the plots most frequently met are revealed. The work is carried out on the material of the Manuscript fund of the Khakass Scientific-Research Institute of Language, Literature and History.

The plots of cumulative fairy-tales of the peoples of Siberia, those speaking the Turkic and Mongolian languages (on the material of volumes of the series

Tretyakova, Sh.K.

Abstract >>
The plot compositions of the cumulative fairy-tales of the peoples of Siberia, as well as the extent of their spreading have not yet been studied. In the article, the main cumulative plots, those spread in folklore of the peoples of Siberia speaking the Turkic and Mongolian languages, are revealed. The comparison of variants of plot and the analysis of the most popular one (about the bird

The family theme in the heroic epos of the Khakass people

Chistobaeva, N.S.

Abstract >>
In the article, one of the main themes of the heroic epos of Khakasses is examined. For such analysis unpublished materials kept in the Manuscript fund of the Khakass Scientific-Research Institute of Language, Literature and History are used. The author determines the composition peculiarities of the heroic legends, as well as the motifs most frequently met, such as parents