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Russian Geology and Geophysics

2005 year, number 4


M.A. Erbaeva, V.V. Karasev*, and N.V. Alekseeva
Geological Institute, Siberian Branch of the RAS, 6a ul. Sakhyanovoi, Ulan Ude, 670047, Russia
Keywords: Stratigraphy, mammals, Pliocene, Pleistocene, Eopleistocene, Neopleistocene, Transbaikalia
Pages: 411-419


A decade of integrate litho-, magneto-, and biostratigraphic studies in joint projects yielded new data on the Pliocene-Pleistocene stratigraphy of Transbaikalia. Upper Cenozoic deposits are mostly slope wash in Western Transbaikalia and alluvium in Eastern Transbaikalia. Paleontological constraints have been obtained for a number of formations in the two subregions. In Western Transbaikalia they are the Lower Pliocene Anosov, Middle Pliocene Tologoi, and Middle Neopleistocene Krivoi Yar Formations, and in Eastern Transbaikalia they are the Lower and Middle Pliocene, and Upper Pliocene-Eopleistocene Ikaral, Torei, and Tsasuchei Formations, respectively, the Lower and Middle Neopleistocene Kholui and Kholbon Formations, the Lower Eopleistocene Ust'-Obor solifluction slope wash, and the upper Middle Neopleistocene Borzhigantai alluvium. The Middle Pliocene-Holocene section of Western Transbaikalia includes eleven successive mammal assemblages and the Eastern Transbaikalian section includes four faunas of which three are equivalents of the Chikoi, Tologoi, and Upper Paleolithic assemblages from Western Transbaikalia. The correlation among the faunal assemblages was used to correlate the Neogene-Quaternary sections from the two subregions and made a basis for a single scale of the Cenozoic stratigraphy of Transbaikalia.