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2011 year, number 3

Control System of a Linear Induction Accelerator of an X-Ray Complex: Structure, Hardware, and Test Performance

P. A. Bak, A. M. Batrakov, R. A. Kadyrov, P. V. Logachev, A. V. Pavlenko, A. N. Panov, V. Y. Sazanskii, G. A. Fatkin
Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics, Siberian Branch, Russian Academy of Sciences,,,,,,,
Keywords: control system, induction accelerator, CompactPCI, automation, PMC module
Pages: 120-131


The structure, operation logic, and hardware tools of the control system of a linear induction accelerator for an X-ray complex are considered. The hardware developed in the CompactPCI standard for the control system is described. The possibility of embedding of smart microelectronic equipment into high-voltage elements of the facility is analyzed.