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2011 year, number 3

Determining Direct Measures of Performance Based on the Location of Zeros and Pole of the Transfer Function

S. V. Efimov, M. I. Pushkarev
Institute of Cybernetics, National Research Polytechnical University,
Keywords: automatic control system, direct measures of performance, overcontrol, control time, dominant pole, root-locus plane
Pages: 113-119


An analysis is made of the effect of zeros and poles of a closed-loop automatic control system on its direct measures of performance: overcontrol and control time. The necessity of determining the dominant poles in the root-locus plane is shown. A criterion for the ε-dominance of the components of the transient function of automatic control system is presented. A method for calculating direct measures of performance based on the location of zeros and poles of the system is developed. Numerical examples are considered.