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2011 year, number 3

Equalization of Rotationally Variant Signals

Xiao Pei1, Zhang Honggang2, Cowan Colin3
1 Centre for Communication Systems Research, University of Surrey
2 Department of Information Science & Electronic Engineering, Zhejiang University
3 Institute of Electronics, Communications and Information Technologies, Queen's University Belfast,,
Keywords: equalization, intersymbol interference, rotationally variant nature of the received signals, frequency selective channels
Pages: 59-72


Several equalization algorithms utilizing the rotationally variant nature of the received signals are presented in this paper to combat the detrimental effect of intersymbol interference (ISI) introduced by frequency selective channels. Their adaptive implementations and application to a time-reversal space-time block coded (TR-STBC) system are also considered. In addition, a turbo equalization algorithm is derived for systems employing the error correction code. The proposed equalizers and turbo equalizer are evaluated over broadband fixed wireless access channels, and are shown to yield superior performance compared to the conventional equalization schemes.