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2005 year, number 6

Infrared Diagnostics Of Rail-Wheel Defects

A.G. Verkhoglyad, A.N. Isaev, I.N. Kuropyatnik, P.G. Mamontov, and V.A. Moiseev
Pages: 38-44


The possibility of using infrared detectors to detect defects such as through-the-thickness cracks in rail-wheel disks is considered. The proposed method is based on observing the temperature distribution evolution during metal heating by means of an infrared microbolometric camera. A through-the-thickness crack is experimentally observed in the infrared wavelength range while propagating in the wheel a heat flow initiated by an external heat source. Results of mathematical modeling of this process are in good agreement with experimental results. The possibility of developing a method to detect defects of wheels at static state is shown.