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Atlas of structures of ultra basic rocks of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.

Lapin B.N. — Novosibirsk: Publ. House SB RAS, Department "GEO", 2003., 167 p., ISBN 5-7692-0544-X

This book is the sixth atlas of structures of volcanogenic and ultra basic rocks of various regions issued by the author. It describes more than 100 varieties of structures of ultra basic rocks dredged from different depths of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge in the areas of the Mercurius Fracture Zone, Doldrums Fracture Zone, Romanche Fracture Zone, and Chain Fracture Zone transform faults and alike faults of Cape Verde and Bouvet Island. Special chemical analyses were carried out for 50 % of the rocks.
The atlas is destined for petrologists involved in study of ophiolite complexes and related minerals in various folded areas. It may be useful for geologists performing surveys and prospecting work, researchers, as well as teachers and students of geological high schools and departments engaged in petrography.
Stratigraphy of oil and gas basins of Siberia. Paleozoic of Western Siberia.

Novosibirsk: Publ. House SB RAS, Department "GEO", 2001., 163 p., ISBN 5-7692-0462-1

This book embodies the results of investigations on Paleozoic stratigraphy of the West Siberian Lowland during the last half of the 20th century. Mesozoic-Cenozoic sedimentary cover and underlying folded Paleozoic rocks are considered to be first order structural element of the West Siberian (epi-Hercynian) Platform. Stratigraphic studies are reviewed, and the facial-zonal scheme is presented; it embraces 23 units. Significant corrections are made in the regional Paleozoic stratigraphic chart. More than 60 local stratigraphic units of formation and lower orders are described, including units that are, as yet, unnamed. A new stratigraphic scheme is proposed for the Cambrian of the left bank of the Yenisei River. It includes three new formations (Tyya, Averina and Antsyferovka). Cambrian volcanics, recently encountered in Vezdechodnaya-4 Well are designated the Lisitsa Formation. Global event levels are discriminated in the Devonian sections. The Paleozoic stratigraphic scheme for the West Siberian Lowland is aligned with schemes for adjacent Siberian Platform, Salair, Kuznetsk Basin and Altai regions. Palaeogeographic reconstructions are presented for two time-slices: the earlier half of the Cambrian for the eastern part of the West Siberian Lowland, and for the Ordovician for the entire region. Controversial topics on the Paleozoic stratigraphy of the West Siberia are discussed, as well as how these problems may be resolved.
This book was written as a reference source. It is intended for biostratigraphers, oil and gas workers, regional geologists, students and others interested in Paleozoic deposits of the West Siberian Lowland.
The heteroptera of plain and Land-scapes of South Yakutia mountain.

Vinokurov N.N., Yasunaga T., Toda M.J. — Novosibirsk: Publishing House SB RAS, 2003., 102 p., ISBN 5-7692-0563-6

In the monograph the results of study of Heteroptera of South Yakutia which has been carried out by Yakutian and Japanese entomologists are generalized. Zoogeographical connections and basic directions of the genesis of fauna of this region of Yakutia are described, the items of data on biotopical distribution, trophic relations and economic importance are resulted. The annotated check-list contains the data on 206 species belonging to 19 families, from which 2/3 of Southern Yakutia it were not specified earlier, distributed in the region.
The book is designed for entomologists, zoogeographers, biologists, experts on agriculture, students of biological specialities of universities.
Effective ArcObjects: Guide to Developing ArcGIS Extension.

Popov I.V., Chikinev М.А. — Novosibirsk: Publishing House SB RAS, 2003., 150 p., ISBN 5-7692-0568-7

This book examines in detail the ways of attribute and geometry handling. It includes a variety of tasks starting with ordinary copying of the data from one layer to another up to topological operations (difference, union, intersect, simplify) usage. It shows how to accomplish multipart geometry processing, spatial relationship examining, spatial reference support, area measurement and map graphics handling. We also paid some attention to associated themes like storing parameters in the permanent repositories (files and registry) and working with other applications using COM objects. This book is of interest of GIS specialist, programmers and wide users circles.
Lectures by Honorary Professors of Siberian Branch of RAS

Novosibirsk: Publishing House SB RAS, 2003., 198 p., ISBN 5-7692-0581-4

The volume contains the lectures of the first honorary professors of the Siberian Branch of RAS — outstanding foreign scientists, who made substantial contribution to the development of science, technology and cooperation between researchers of the Siberian Branch of RAS and their foreign colleagues. The lectures were delivered in 2002 during the procedure of handling the diplomas of «Honorary Professor of the Siberian Branch of RAS». The lectures consider actual problems of modern science and cover a broad range of subjects in physics, chemistry, archaeology, mechanics, power engineering and biology.
Potassium in agrocenoses of Western Siberia.

Yakimenko V.N. — Novosibirsk: Publishing House SB RAS, 2003., 231 p., ISBN 5-7692-0570-9

The monograph deals with the generalization of author long-term studies on influence of potassium balance intensity on the productivity of agrocenoses and content of potassium forms in soils. The indices have been determined and the gradations have been elaborated as concerning soil provision with potassium. The significance of the processes such as fixation and desorption of the element have been appreciated under question on soil potassium regime. There has been revealed the part of individual granulometric fractions in soil provision with exchangeable and non-exchangeable potassium. The monograph is intended for specialists in agrochemistry, soil science, agriculture, for teachers and students.
Specific features of soil erosion in Siberia.

Tanasienko A.A. — Novosibirsk: Publishing House SB RAS, 2003., 176 p., ISBN 5-7692-0604-7

The monograph deals with specificity as concerns the development of erosion processes under conditions of sharply continental climate. There have been revealed the regularities of formation of thawing waters and soil erosion in different bioclimatic belts. Seasonal frost regime of eroded soils has been in detail outlined for the first time. There have been also revealed the influence of the depth of freezing of dark gray forest and chernozemic soils on amount and intensity of surface discharge of thawing waters and on quality of the removed soil material. Erosion sustainability of arable siberian chernozems is warranted for the first time based upon their genetic properties.
The book may be of interest to soils scientists, geographers, agronomists, specialists in nature protection.

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